- November 30-December 20, 2020: Audition video submission window

- March 7, 2021: Final Shine On performance


1. The competition is open to students in grades 4-8 attending a Catholic school in the Archdiocese of St. Paul and Minneapolis.

2. Each school is invited to submit as many video auditions as they'd like. Participation from each school is unlimited.

3. Performing talent categories include: musical theater, voice, dance, instrumental, and drama.
4. An act may consist of a solo performer, duet, or group performance.

5. Audition time limit is three (3) minutes. If a song/selection is longer than three minutes, it is the responsibility of the performer to trim the piece to fit into the required time frame.

6.  Up to 20 acts will be selected for the final performance on March 7, 2021. These acts will showcase a variety of performing arts categories.

7. All acts selected for the final showcase will receive 1-2 coaching sessions from the Lundstrum Performing Arts team during January and February. Finalists will also be highly encouraged to participate in rehearsals for the ensemble performance numbers that will be included in the March 7 performance. All finalists must be available for an all-day dress rehearsal on Saturday, March 6.

8. Regardless of finalist status, up to 80 students will be invited to participate in the ensemble numbers for the March 7 final performance.


Judges will use the following criteria for the auditions and final performance:

  • Technique:  skill and execution

  • Stage Presence: charisma, showmanship, style, connection to material

  • Musicality: phrasing, pitch, rhythm, artistic expression

  • Preparation: accuracy, memorization, staging, detail

  • Level of difficulty



  • Audition videos must be submitted within the timeframe of November 30- December 15. Click the Registration link at the top of this page to access the submission portal.

  • Submissions are being accepted in the following categories: Vocal, instrumental, dance, or dramatic reading. Solos, duets or group submissions are acceptable. (Please be mindful of COVID restrictions when performing in groups. Family groups and submissions with appropriate social distancing are best.) Please submit only once for duets or groups. 

  • Choose your piece carefully. Think of appropriateness for your age and talent range. Ask your teacher for direction and coaching on what might work best for you. Audition videos should be no longer than 3 minutes! Longer videos may be rejected. 

  • Technology – The submissions portal will accept mov., mp4, avi, mpg, Vimeo and YouTube. When recording your audition, look for good sound and lighting. We want to see and hear YOU! Most smartphones record acceptable video. Consider using a microphone and have someone else hold the camera for the best sound and visual. 

  • Forms – The submission portal will ask you a series of questions and include a media release form that parents need to agree to on behalf of their child. The submissions become the property of CSCOE and Lundstrom Performing Arts for promotional use. Personal information will not be shared publicly and will only be used for contact information by administration. Judges reviewing the audition videos will only see students’ first names and submission content. 

  • Callbacks – If chosen for a callback, CSCOE staff will contact you. You will need to be available for coaching dates. Students chosen as finalists need to be available for most coaching session times. Students not chosen as finalists may be invited to perform in the ensemble numbers.


  • Repertoire selection

    • This is a Catholic school competition, and all audition repertoire should reflect good values and virtues. We highly encourage teachers and parents to review the lyrics of the entire song/piece before auditioning.

    • Try to choose something that is unique, interesting and not "overdone.” 

    • Please make sure that your selection will translate to a large stage venue. 

    • Is it age-appropriate, especially for songs and monologues? Consider musicals, pop songs, classical and sacred music. 

    • Remember your audience: Does your selection have “entertainment value,” showcasing a performance that is memorable, sweet, or demonstrates virtuosity? 

    • We’d love to have more dancers and groups of dancers!

  • Preparation for performance

    • Practice and prepare for the video audition; memorize your piece. 

    • Pay attention to details. Musicality, accuracy and memory are important. 

    • For songs and monologues: Is your piece appropriately “staged” with movement and/or dance? 

    • Facial expression and good acting are critical for a strong audition. If this is a song or dance, is your face telling the story? 

    • If you are performing with a group, please make sure everyone in the group has something to do.

  • What to wear

    • Wear what you would wear if this were the final performance of Shine On. 

    • You can wear a costume to enhance your performance to make it fun and memorable. 

    • For musicians, a dress or suit is preferable to jeans and a T-shirt.


  • Accompaniment

    • You can have an accompanist play for your audition video. If you prefer to use recorded music, make sure that the version you use does not have someone else singing on it. Note: The final performance will have live accompaniment. 

    • You can get music transposed for your song at, or recordings from These can be customized for your audition cuts. 

    • Recorded tracks are OK for dance numbers. 

    • If you have questions, please ask your school music teacher or contact Susan Kosel at Lundstrum Performing Arts: